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Ameny Rewards

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Product Designer
Jan 2020 - Sept 2020

Revolutionizing the Tenant Experience with a different type of Amenity

Multifamily Property Tenants demand more immediacy, personalization, consistency, and anticipation more than ever before. Property teams need updated ‘amenities’ to increase revenue, reduce churn, and grow brand awareness.

Landlords are stuck. Do they build more? Spend More?
The expenditures and maintenance to amenities end up costing over $500 million each year.

A NMHC report cites a survey polled over 200,000 renters and found that renters ranked amenities and conveniences as one of the top requests when searching for an apartment.

With amenities being such high demand, the buildings online reputation is indicative of the owner's ability to attract prospects and retain residents. Owners find it challenging to improve their online reputation and struggle to engage with their tenants. Using user research and design thinking, I drove the design and development of a SaaS web platform to drive instant value to a property by engaging and collecting social reviews and survey feedback from residents. Tenants from Ameny customers were also provided access to a iOS and Android mobile app.

My Contributions

Founding UX Design Lead and Product Strategy

Residents don't just buy products for their home. They are buying a lifestyle.

The Opportunity:

How might we incentivize tenants to write reviews and respond with valuable survey feedback?

How might we introduce a new type of digital amenity to power positive residential experiences through engagement, perks, and rewards.