Designing digital experiences driven by the users.

Hi, I'm Ryan, a creative problem solver who uses a design thinking toolkit to integrate the needs of the user with the possibilities of technology.

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Design Thinking Toolkit


Fleet Optimization

With a fleet of over 3500+ vehicles, a tool to leverage vehicle-centric issue data will increase revenue by operationalizing fleet management, reduce repair times and improve overall customer cleanliness expectations.
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EdTech CMS

A high-quality digital learning ecosystem for educations to engage in instruction aligned with learning goals that will improve student engagement, motivation and curiosity.

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Digital Amenities SaaS

A SaaS-based web portal for property managers to drive instant value to a property's online reputation with a mobile tenant-facing mobile application to unlock hundreds of digital perks that inspire a happier, healthier life at home.
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Gamified Community

An online community for members driven through a gamified leaderboard experience. Points are earned from engagement and member referrals for bragging right and online incentives.

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A Community Where Athletes become Entrepreneurs.

Driven to unpack the product ideas and thought patterns from former athletes who transitioned into entrepreneurship through a more intentional online community for athlete-entrepreneurs.
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Product Builder, Egg Farmer and Coach.

Rethinking Fleet Optimization

My product building journey began eight years ago while studying Human-Computer Interaction at The Ohio State University. My experience in HCI & UX has enabled me to study, empathize and integrate the needs of the user with the possibilities of technology.

I have worked across multiple industries with early-stage startups, often pre-funding, and even co-founded one of my own. I am very passionate about building products driven to remove barriers set by operational infrastructure in the mobility space, in addition to marketplace experiences and EdTech.

When I log off from Figma, you will most likely find me outside with my animals or coaching youth lacrosse in the South Austin area. Back in 2020, I changed my morning commute from a walk to a NYC subway to an early alarm to feed my goats and chickens in Austin, TX.
Nov 2022

Four Step Brainstorming Workshop

Brainstorming is one of my favorite activities to use during a project driven by design thinking. Brainstorming, in general, is always useful but having a solid objective makes a session much more valuable for everyone.
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Hooked Model
Oct 2022

Deployment Efficiency in Micromobility

How do ride-sharing services think about propelling customer behavior? It is more complex than just dropping a bunch of vehicles on the corner. Building a product that customers naturally use habitually will create a significant competitive advantage for the business.
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